sound of nor

it is imaginary poem



                                              JONAS JOSEPH


In silence

A voice of nor

May sound of divine

Talking my soul

Talking my heart

Mysterious voice


Chant of waterfall

Was familiar

Utter from lively water

Chorus of birds

Was familiar

Talk moment of gloom and joy

Roar of thunder

Was familiar

Say sulk of nature

Sound of vision

Voice of flower colour

Show beauty

Murmur of sunray

Were familiar


That voice was unfamiliar

May told long secret

May code of universe


I heard once

I crave

To hear again

If travel to moon

No, far till sun

Far till galaxy

No, far

Till imagination end

Even farer

Till cross the boundaries of universe

Sink in nor

Sink in not being

Till no trace from matter

Nothing from me

I will be free

Free from be


The End

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