completely exhausted and barely coherent at 3am before a day a work left me with this.

Darkness. an empty void to most but a blank canvas to those willing to illuminate the tips of their brushes and brave the criticism of the silence. 

you can say what you will, create what you want, and leave it on the metaphorical fridge for all to see but what really matters is what it means to you. 

did you try your hardest? did you find the answers to the questions you had before? chances are no you didn't. but here's a question i don't think anybody has asked before. Is it part of your soul? or how about : does it make your soul shine with that truth you find only a few times in life if even once? for most no it didn't. 

but before you start asking questions about your normality or doubting yourself in any way shape or form, let me tell you this. 

If a soul as dark as mine can see the light through its own shadow, then one as bright as yours can easily bathe in its own. and you know what? with that light, you can say anything you want to the darkness and for once, overpower the silence and create your world anew. 

The End

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