Soul Cleanse Free verse

just needed to vent some very dark emotions. i apologize if its not good.

I Sit alone in the ever-observant eye of society's sunlight. the atmosphere around me is pungent with the scent of a soul that has been left to brood in the pit of ashes from its own untimely implosion. the clock strikes midnight but the bell tolls only a hollow reminiscent of a once beautiful chime. there is nothing left, but somehow hope still remains that the muse in my dreams will finally come take my hand.

where is my eternal flame? my Alchemic Catalyst? where is the siren who sings a haunting lullaby that cant help but soothe me? So many questions remain unheard, but is it my inability to speak that causes the silence, or is it mute words fallen on deaf ears in an attempt at communication? I wait for my answer, but as the 13th hour sings its requiem, i recieve more uncertainty. and that scares me more than the 44. pointed between my eyes by her cold imagination.

The End

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