Heart, feeling the anxiousness

The deep thought 

that could be the truth

The atmosphere fills with the aura

of what the soul holds

the feeling repeats

the way a human heart beats.

To know, To have, To...

Grab a sensation of such, 

could it be too much?

From the peak of nerve

to the trench of love,

knowing nowhere to be guided,

the heart guides the mind

the way God guides man

Man, however has no control

over what direction his soul guides himself.

I myself know not of the opposite's soul guidance.

The sweet madness or the glory of the sadness,

no matter how hard I try

I may never find out if he does feel

The moment shall come

for me to know

The moment shall come

the day of rain or the day of snow

depending on the opposite's soul guidance direction.

For love is in action of being guided by the soul.


The End

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