Sorry For You

I'm sorry, my dear, I don't know why
I feel so sad, I want to cry
You ended it, so, sorry dear
I didn't expect, but I did fear
So suddenly it just collapsed
So suddenly, it was unwrapped
I'm sorry dear, I now will go
Why did it end, why say no
I'm so so sorry, please forgive me
Because I don't know, and I can't see
Sorry I have to drift away
But these words, I have to say
I will avoid you, I don't trust myself
Push all the memories, up on a shelf
You will not see me, won't be the same
I'll hide my fear, I'll hide my shame
I'm completely fine, now is a lie
Now I really don't know why
But next time I see you, don't know when
I'll be better, strong again
I'm sorry dear, you're leaving me
That I know, and that I see
I'm sorry dear, now I will leave
I'm sorry for you, and for you I greive

The End

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