Sophomore Poem 5 - We're a piece of this Moment

Time seems to freeze

and i realize that this

is a memory being made

and it will be filed away

in a collection with thousands of others

and form another part of who I am


Each of these People are

in the same moment

and yet not

they are in their own

personally constructed reality


But for now we are here

and the stars shine over our heads

so we breath in each others thoughts

and tiny fibers connect our seperate lives if only just for a moment


Tomorrow we will move on

and form new connections

breaking old and placing

new files in our collections


In each of you I leave a piece

of myself

with words

and actions

and smiles

and tears


And I will take a piece of you

even if you did not intend it

so enjoy the moment

it is but a tiny rope bridge

connecting future and past.

The End

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