Sophomore Poem 2 - On the Balcony instead of Class

Mottled birds sit in a tree eating its berries

a tiny part of a larger system

that neither is aware of


Far away children play on swingsets

and old men fish their days away

a student skips class to enjoy the park


And a woman smiles at her four legged companion

and feels love


The sun shines down and melts the winter away

and along with it cold's despair retires

though somewhere it is not so


Somewhere a man's heart is full of grief for his lost son

somewhere a child starves in solitude

somewhere a young girl's heart is broken

and somewhere rain pours down on the world


But not here - not now

here and now the sun shines

and these motley birds sing

as the sun pours its rays forth onto fields of green


How could their be sadness on such a pretty day?

The End

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