Sophomore Poem 1 - The Science of Driving at Night

In a world between yellow lines and concrete rails

i roll down the window to let out my thoughts.

There are no streetlamps to light my way

Just the fluorescence of my own headlights

and a weak offering from the man in the moon


Inside the car the expansion of lung tissue creates a vaccum

and smoke rushes in to fill the void

while music blares from speakers;the sharp notes penetrate

and the wind greets my hair, they are old friends


In front of me the faint glow of tiny green numbers

beckons my attention but I have no regard for them

-there are more important matters at hand.


In the darkness doubt creeps across my synapses-

for I am in a no man's land

one life in front and another behind


The song expires and with it my mood

I roll up the window and shut out the night

as my foot becomes heavy on the accelerator


A hitchhiker's grin and a green field somewhere in the distance

these give me hope

so I press onward down this exitless highway.


The End

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