Sooner Or Later

I long for a normal life

Holding to that dream however gets so heavy you have to put it down

I don’t know why I instigate

Over a parasite

Please don’t compromise with me

I’ve learned how to hate it and love it

To live with it

You feel the pain after I have experienced it  and you want to bring me

I’ve done my time, now it’s yours

Don’t even lay a finger on me to drive me under with you

You’ve already thrown my life away

Now I’m tossing yours away from me

Do you feel your veins slowly pumping the blood? Slow?

That’s what the despair and sorrow feels like

It’s going to burn into you leaving a mark

At first you’ll hate but sooner or later you learn how to deal with it

It will be planted in your head

It will be burned in your skin

Why am I so pathetic to you? Why did you forget me?

Sooner or later you’ll feel the agony I went through

You were never part of me

And I’m thankful I will never be a part of you

Sooner or later I’m going to make you suffer

Sooner or later I will rub it in your face

Sooner or later I will gloat in your presence of your last breath

I will make you see why you deserve this

Since you are so blinded by your pride

I will dilate your eyes;

Make them watch the torture your choice buried me in

Segregated from those who believe in me

Because I wallow in my dark corner focusing on why I am nothing

Sooner or later I will have my payback

I don’t deserve to watch you carry on

You deserve to see the scars and damage you’ve cause upon me

Why do you think so low of me?

Why am I so insignificant to you?

Why am I unimportant? Why am I consumed in your selfish pride?

What did I do to deserve this from you?

Do you not think twice on the day you refuse to get rid of it?

The End

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