Soon, it vanished..Mature

Unexpectedly, I saw a palace.But it is unreal and incredible.It's theshod, window everything is opening in singly in a cluck way .But I envisaged that they were welcoming me .then when I enter, i smelled a perfume.An opened thresod had gave a wonderful spot to watch.Then I stir forth to a gloomy window.Then I amazed, when it open.It's a seenary of waterfall.But later it all vanished.then understood that it was a dream .But still it is in my mind.

When I tramp yon from a place, I saw a white miened palace. By seeing it, I budge forward. A wind storm with a perfume smell. Suddenly, the threshod of the palace, open singly in a cluck way. Then I entered inside of the palace with sharing timorous to my soul. Then I heared a sorrow music, I chase the music and budge. And I saw a gloomy window. Suddenly, it open singly. I budge towards the window and I saw a buxom seenary. The seenary is of nice waterfall, and coot and hern around it. By seeing the beauty, I open my eyes . Suddenly, the whole I saw vanished. Then I understood it was a dream, but still it is in my mind. -Fathima sanna
The End

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