Sonnet Conglomeration

The pitter patter on the roof, on the asphalt, on my skin
Standing in the tears of the sky
With no umbrella and no shoes, I stand with my kin"
I feel them as I look up and see that the clouds are not saying goodbye
They are staying to help me, a close friend
I have visited before, always greeted with open arms
An old family friend, that always has somewhere to turn to in the end
I'll always have a home whethere I am in the city, the mountains, or on a farm
Rivulets drip down my visage and through my hair
Once they fall from my body the sadness I possess also tags along
The sadness of those who cannot be found, of life being unfair
These feelings end swirling with relief just like the end of a sand song
My kin are with me but are looking upon my actions from their eternal resting place
The pitter patter continues on, I am glad that no one can see the tears gently rolling down my face.

The End

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