Do you recall the tales of old?
Do you remember times gone by?
When heroes clashed with darkness?
Where dragons flew through crimson skies?

Do you remember the legends?
Do you remember the songs?
Do you remember the stories?
Now it’s all gone, gone, gone!

Did you ever dream of places,
Beyond these shining seas?
Does you mind often wander,
Your heart yearn for release?

Have you ever dreamed of journeys
Through the hills of distant lands?
Now the memories are all faded
The torch is dying in our hands.

Where are our golden legacies?
Where’s the magic, where’s the fire?
That eternal flame so bright and strong,
A blaze of fury and desire.

How have these stories faded,
Into vagueness and doubt?
Lost long ago in mists of time,
By reality, drowned out.

Are there any left who miss them?
Are there any who still mourn?
Is there no-one to retrieve the sword?
To blow again the golden horn?

No longer are there bards to sing,
No mages’ knowledge to impart.
Just remember these treasures,
They live again within your heart.

The End

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