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Another poetry collab - the catch is, your poem has to be made exclusively and completely from song titles!

Like it or not, it doesn't have to be beautiful.

I think ur a contra -- the sweetest thing.

We throw parties, you throw knives:

Are you satisfied? Frenchy, I'm faking.


So glad to see you; I've got your number.

Dreams of dreams, nothing's wrong.

Come Saturday, shitty weekend,

New York I love you, it won't be long.


Tell me what you want; tell me what it's worth.

History sticks to your feet.

Dig your grave; find your power animal,

Love is a place, trust me.


Sorry about the doom. Maybe you could owe me, 

Try it again -- IOU.

On a slow night, summer mood,

Why did you stay? Goodbye, I love you.


Christmas, thanks for nothing. 

We can never be friends.

Life is life, old joy gone;

Run the heart, run:


No love lost, all to shit, clunk-rewind --


The End.

The End

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