Song of My Heart

Song of My Heart is a song of my heart. Enjoy!

as long as my brain snuffles
every word of mine will breathe
every eye I saw will be painted
every heart of men will duplicate 
on every walls of my thriving library.

past-nights have always been my shadows
the shadows of a heart to be written 
every person i’ve climbed with
all the beasts i’ve encountered
every mountain i’ve stepped on
they are the genuine lessons of my life
they are the reasons i’ve learned to fight well.

living in light within dark
a piece of dust within space
born inside a constant wave of time
but I got a life of collection
a collection of beauties inside.

my present consciousness will be drawn
drag it to the end of the world with me
turn wars into a master diary
future will be printed out from my head
all love will be engraved on my left heart
bright light of nights will depend upon them, and
every lake, every mountain will listen to my song
because I only sing a song for broken nature.

The End

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