Black Rose

darkness will come

Screaming, deceiving  and bleeding for you, 20 thousand tears I've cried 

painful screaming for all of my youth still you won't believe me 

don' want your love and your passion at all just get out of here now

I'll give you a rose, it will be black not red I hope you will change if you don't i will go.

Now i am traped in this cage of hate, 30 thousand scream in my mind 

help me, save me, kill me don't stop till, you will die 

i hope hate will fall

it don't matter i don't need you, just get out of my life 

this will allway happen to me, all the hitting and punching will not help,  all. i hope is you will fall and death will spill, the blood fells the moon with blood so no nice black sky all will see in red because blood has been spilt.

but now its over i can't look at you any more just get out of here or blood will full 

The End

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