Son of a GunMature

My origin is of major infamy

In the background plays a tense symphony

For the violent ones who live for me;

My mother was heartless and fierce

Her strikes fatally pierced

Injected fear, brought her victims' families to tears;

However, she couldn't fend for herself

So she was forced into slavery by sinister hands

With intentions to kill, to conquer land

And leave a mess of blood on the sand;

To my mother, giving birth was quick and painless

The purpose of her creation was for the sick and the shameless;

So, as I was released from her iron womb

The noise echoed, BOOM!

I flew rapidly and my sharp head inflicted a wound

My impact was fatal too soon;

I found myself deep in the foe's flesh

I had passed the test

I was utilized well for this heinous act, this chaotic mess

This horrible crime, this armed jest;

With a squeeze of my mother's metal belly,

Her owner, a fiend and a troubled loner

Continued his daily massacre

But, one day, she was empty

Her consecutive reproduction had come to an end

Her owner wasn't satisfied, there were more toddlers to send

More enemies upon which to place revenge;

So her owner filled her up with a new fetus

He told her, "Ain't no one who could beat us,

"Let's complete the finale to this fued"

So the assassination continued;

My stepbrothers were released with a task of their own

To rip apart tissue and bone

To send the adversary's loved ones home

With an occurence from which to moan;

My sudden presence shakes the crowd, makes them run

In their shock, all they can say is, "There goes that son-of-a-gun"

So if you're the target, and my mother's owner pulls it,

Be careful; I'm coming for you, because I'm the bullet

The End

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