Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Abortion; just whose life are you throwing away?

It hurts, it burns, it's total agony,

Mummy, it hurts, it hurts so much!

You cry out soundlessly, begging for the end,

Mummy... Mummy, why won't you stop them?


Close your eyes, close them tightly,

Don't cry no more, dear child,

Though times are dark, and morals low,

The lights will rise once more.


Stay strong, be brave, don't give up, little one,

No matter the pain, the betrayal,

Your innocent soul deserves it's place,

And a place for you will be made.


Your time is coming, sweet child,

You'll have a place in this world,

Somewhere over the rainbow,

A life of love, joy and happiness eagerly awaits you.

The End

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