Somewhere Over the Ocean

this is kind of an ode to the pains of possibly finding someone worth all the time in the world an ocean (and half a bloody country) between the two of you.

somewhere over the ocean,

in a timezone so far from my own,

you're just crawling into bed,

and i am falling out of mine;

you spent your day talking to me,

and i spent my night,sleepless, awaiting your reply.

i think the nights where i don't talk to you, are the nights God realizes that he made me.

i bend his ear with my whisperings,

and mutterings, and general girl-lying,

i can't say i love you,

because we have never met,

but its something close to that.

wish i could fall asleep in your arms,

my head against your chest,

your lips pressed gently on the crown of my head.

i want to wake up to your eyes looking down into mine,

because you spent the morning watching me sleep.

i want to hear your cute sleepy boy voice say softly against my ear,

"Good morning,beautiful",

but most of all i just want to know that you are who you say you are.

because in my mind,

the conversations we've had paint you as perfection,

or at least as close to it as anyone can be.

it seems, that the sweetest,the kindest, the best of your half of the species,

lives somewhere far away like Queensland or Fiji

and if my heart lies somewhere over the ocean,

i will traverse the waves,

tracing the rythm of love flowing from my veins.

i will cross states, and countries, and a sea of blue,

just to find myself in you.

The End

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