sometimes the sparrow hides

Ah, I can hear my Sparrow hiding in fear,
oh, so close, oh, so near,
an oh-so-timid thought, nestled in the shadowed wood,
why will you not come as I know you should?

For your voice, I have waited and prayed,
come to me, come to me, be not afraid,
for my unpenned lyric is in need of song,
and I have waited and waited, for far too long.

Lonely is the silence that fills the air,
where are the words that I know are there,
desperate is the empty within my mind,
where is the meter, I cannot find.

Oh, Sparrow, do you remember when,
in the mellow meadow, now and then,
we would author together, you and me,
the odes of angels in sweet harmony.

We would sip from the waters of the mystic brook,
you would fill my heart, I would fill my book,
and dip our souls in life’s honey combs,
I would sing your hymns, you would write my tomes.

Sparrow, Sparrow, come home to me,
and we will sit beneath the wisdom tree,
crafting thoughts that come drifting by,
for once we were friends, you and I.

The End

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