sometimes a sunshine moon

sometimes a sunshine moon

escapes the bounds of night,

to sneak away from the other side,

to explore the realms of blazing day,

to gaze upon a world of greens and blues, reds and yellows,

of heated earth and overheated life,

a blaze of everything set on fire,

so much more alive  than the dim lit shades of ghostly grey,

that dimmed and drowsy nether world,

a world created with but borrowed light,

where shadows are only made within other shadows,

weaker shadows, lesser shadows,

but on this day,

as if tempted to be more than she was forced to be,

sister moon has strayed,

to share the sky with brother sun,

if but for a time,

before returning home,

to the other side,

beyond the shuttered door,

when life slumbers,

when life renews,

in the kindling fire that dies within

the cozied hearth,

in the soft, soft glow

of the gentleness

that comes with the quiet light.

The End

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