Sometimes tears burn behind my eyes
They are unexplainable
They are unpredictable
They are unavoidable

Sometimes my heart constricts
It's a splash of all the pain
It's a pinch of all the guilt
It's a dash of all the regret

Sometimes I want to simply turn away
And never look back
And forget what we have
And move on with my life

Sometimes I don't know the answers
So the tears fall down my face
So I double over to clutch my chest
So I beg you to make it right

Sometimes I want to give in
To make the suffocation end
To please others around me
To settle for something less

Sometimes I want to fight
For what I feel is true
For what I want to believe in
For what I need to be

Sometimes I step back just to breath
I want the boy who I love
I want the boy who makes me smile
I want the boy who completes me thoroughly

The End

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