When sometimes it's like this, but sometimes it's like that. 


their touch 

is as poisonous as the bite of a snake 

is addictive like heroine 

is exciting like a shock of electricity 

is as warm as freshly dried sheets 

their smile 

is as sweet as sugar straight from the jar

is as bright as the sunshine at midday 

is white like the fairest of them all 

is big like their loving heart to match

their laugh 

is as infectious as the black death 

is humorous like the stylings of an A-list stand up comic 

is as loud as the howl of wolves

is inviting like the atmosphere of home 

all the good things: 

their touch, their smile, their laugh

mask the bad things:

their temper, their thoughts, their words

their temper 

is as hot as the Sahara desert 

is short-lived like the life of a common house fly

is aggressive like a predator in pursuit of prey 

is scary like the first few minutes of a flight after take off


their thoughts

are as dark as the ocean at it’s lowest point 

are sporadic like the scattering of leaves in the fall

are entrapping like the confines of the smallest prison prison cell

are as distracting as the constant tick-tock of a clock

their words

are as painful as a hundred lashes on bare skin

are as empty as the words of a fictional character 

are as sharp as the tongue of a harpy speaking their greatest wits

are reckless like the stumbling attempts of a child lying for the first time

somewhere within the all the positive qualities, we forget there are negative ones too. don’t be blind to the hurt they may cause just because it feels good sometimes. let yourself be happy without the things they give you. love yourself.


Please feel free to comment any suggestions or observations you have! I love getting feedback on my work. I'd be curious to know what you think about the specific dynamics (bold and italics) I used with this and why. And also on some of the comparisons I used for their characteristics and features. 

I fell in love with this composition of mine; it's definitely one of my favorite, right next to Desperation which is also on my page. 

Thanks xx


The End

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