Sometimes, I can't help wondering.
Could you handle my loudness?
Could you deal with my randomness?
Could you accept my craziness?

Sometimes, you only think you know.
My complaining can add up.
My thoughts will get all muddled.
My attitude isn't always pleasent.

Sometimes, I question if the difference will be to much.
I'm different on the phone.
I'm quieter, more reserved.
I'm not quiet so silly and outspoken.

Sometimes, I sit and analyze things.
Random impulses control my life.
Urges I can't explain decide important matters.
Little things make a world of difference.

Sometimes, I ask if you truely know me.
I can be anyone when I'm talking to you.
I am forced to be myself when I'm alone.
I don't know which you truely love.

Sometimes, I fear the difference is too great.
Will things last through constant presence?
Will things change under new pressures?
Will things survive as we hope they do?

The End

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