Wednesday night sadness

I am going to publish on this site every poem I've written because- over the years I've lost so many- from transfers of computers to house fires and such! Therefore I'm even uploading the joke poems, with sentimental value- I wrote this for my friend Elise. She cancelled sleeping round mine because her parents had booked her therapist sessions on the same day.

I’ve got my red bow in my hair-

Because that’s what you used to wear.

I need to stop watching scrubs

Stop crying into my ice cream tubs.

Oh without you im really this lonely

Im just missing my huan and only.

I got this Wednesday night, Wednesday night sadness.

She’s got to see a doctor for her madness.

I like her crazy quirks

And the way she doesn’t work

She doesn’t need fixing by some stranger

Someone to poke and muddle, try to rearrange her

What she really needs is a friend who’ll write her a poem

Someone who’s really starting to get to know her

Someone who’ll write about Wednesday night, Wednesday night sadness.

The End

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