Something to help the day pass.

This is about a group of friends who love to write and read poems. Follow the group of friends on their journey to find Kelsey's cousin's Kyle and Kelly. Do they stick together when the going gets tough? or do they abandon there friendship and start new life's? Read the story to find out.

Hi my name is Skye  and these are my friends Kelsey, Charlotte, Taylor and Marie.

We all love poems! '' They are so adventurous'' say's Charlotte excitedly.

'' I made a poem today, it's called A  friend like mine.''

We are like babies we like to explore,

When we get something we want more,

We make everything in our path real,

do you know how good that feels,

There's no-one more  wonderful than you,

And what I am  saying is true. 

'' That was so sweet'' said Marie tearfully.

'' I have one too it's called I Love You.'' said Taylor- Marie...

The End

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