Something or Nothing?

Disaster strikes-
A second later
We burst into tears:
Why me?
Why him?
Why her?
Why now?

Do we really go into feathered  angel arms,
Ascend into an eternity
Of fulfilling reality?
Do we fall,
Face first,
Into a pit of flesh driven fire,
Ruled by a fallen angel,
Who refused to believe everything he was told?

Or is it nothing like this at all?
Are we born into a new mother's arms,
Learn her new soft, sensual smell,
Her new cozy, comforting voice. . .
Fall in love with a new loving soul,
Die a new unforgiving way? 

Or is it nothing like that at all?
Do we just cease to exsist?
Our bodies stop,
As does our soul. . .
Do we delve into a colorless pit
Of nothingness,
Lost forever,
Sometimes forgotten.  

Goodbye Sean
We miss you Curt,
I loved you Beth. . .
I'll see you again someday Gavin.

Or..maybe I won't
Only you keep the beautiful words
To the hideous secret 
Of an unknown world
We seem to fear so much. . . 
I can only hope to see those bright blue eyes
At the end of my
Long lasting journey.

The End

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