Something more than 'Just Crazy'

I marvel how it matters to you…
I am unsure why my heed and warmth for you appears,


And even if it is,
why does it bother you?

Isn’t it mine?

It seems like it has some larger aim.
But… why?

Why do you worry?

Do I render it so brilliantly?

Does the drive of smothering my longing for you…
eclipse that of my love?

Do my eyes rumor more of my greed,
Than my pristine and insistent love?

Your each and every trait…
And, each and every stir!

Each and every modest feature…
Painted upon that remarkably graceful canvas of your face,

acts as a catalyst.

They all trigger my feelings...

I’ve heard you dub me crazy…
Every other moment!

Doesn't each moment involve of 90 seconds?
Don’t you trust I can make you call me nuts each of those seconds,

Time and again?

And I know you know I can do…

Like I know you know,
Why I would like to stop right here.






The End

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