Something More

Desperation for heavy loud respiration

My head spinning out

I’m reaching out for something

Something more

We want it all

She can’t make you shake the way I do

Can’t make you rattle your bones the way I do

But if you walked away

And never came back

Did you even worry about me?

Do I still cross your mind when your bed is cold empty?

Desperation to hear your heavy loud respiration

I’m about to kick it to the curb

Still reaching out for something more

We had it all

We lost it all

We still want it all

But I know that you were never loved like that before

But you give it out like you’re supposed to

And then apparently for the first time everyone cares about you

When you come back all worried about me

I know I’ve crossed your mind

But I’m not filling that available spot in your bed

The End

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