Something Missing

I feel like only half a person

Like half my heart is across

The most stormy sea

Across the farthest distance

A distance created by myself.

I feel like something is missing,

it tears at me,

pulling my heart in all differnt directions

I am missing my mother.

My friend have no idea how good they have it

They have their mothers

they can laugh, and joke around with them

I can't.

A mother should wake you up early in the morning on your birthday,

just so she can be the first one to sing to you that day.l

A mother should take you out somewhere special just because she felt like it.

You should be able to go talk to your mother about anything,

and everything going on.

And not feel like you are going to be judged or hold it against you.

You should be able to dance around the house in pajamas and sing off key to a song you barely know, but be able to sing together.

The End

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