something like love

The days of the past have never left me

I sometimes wonder if they ever will.

So deeply are they ingraved in my memory,

That all those simple joys that i would at one time enjoy,

Now merely glare mockingly at me through their hollow eyes

and happiness itself is meaningless in the absence of your presence.

The first time I set my eyes upon you, I felt an unearthy power

Drawing me towards you.

And even though we had never met before,

It felt as if  I had known you my whole life.

I dont even know if you know of my existence

And yet, you seem to be the reason for mine.

Now, though you are miles and miles away, you are always with me,

Like an appendage of my soul.

Your memories haunt me and sometimes i wonder

What is this strange feeling?

Can a person love someone they dont even know?

Images of those mystical black eyes of yours swarm around in my mind

whenever I stop trying to force out your memories.

Futile as it may seem, you have become an addiction,

even though you are no longer here.

Enslaved by your thoughts, my mind constantly tries to wander,

Until with great effort, I try to bring it back to reality.

But alas, you are but a dream - conjured by the mind to trap the heart.

You are like a mirage in the desert -  a mere illusion.

And I wait patiently for the day when your memories shall leave me.

Or perhaps be replaced by another.

The End

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