Something is There

Something is there,

a soft light,

glimmering in a dream last night.

A memory that I’ve felt before,

that I can’t quite ignore.

And I’m painfully aware,

that there was something there--

But its been so long

that the feeling is gone,

before I can even hold onto it.


I know I left it somewhere,

between a memory of swimming at the lake last year,

and an unprecedented fear of the dark.

I know something is there,

the more I imagine it,

the more it glows--

that soft glimmering unknown.

It’s an idea that used to be,

What is this passion

that my unconscious knows?


It plagues me,

How could I forget

that something that is there,

not knowing where it’s from?

The more I linger with that something,

the faster my heart drums,

the brighter the light grows,

and suddenly I know

And it consumes me.


How could I forget about you?

How could I let go

of all that we’ve been through?

All of those perfect memories,

all this time had been mine.

And they hurt--

hurt like hell to remember,

and it’s cruel--

cruel that they were buried away.

I’m ashamed,

and I ache,

and I wish that something,

had remained an anonymous something,

instead of turning into


How much I miss you.

The End

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