something fishy

there are plenty of fish in the sea.

I cast my line, and reel in wriggling mercury.

Bleeding from the shock of the wound,

however transfixed by the bait,

we woo in this wooden boat.

I make a pool of water, a haven,

a protected environment for us to love and play,

trusting, I unhook the barb from its jaw,

and out of the boat it flops,

and I am left,

abandoned, a fool.

I cast my line, and haul in a sizable prize,

it gazes at me with pitiful eyes

but I bash it over the head immediately,

determined not to let this one be the one

that got away.

I display it on my mantel piece,

offer it up at lunch for all my friends to devour,

feast their sights upon my luxury.

And yet, in the middle of the haze of jealously,

I grow bored with this lifeless slime that has begun to rot,

and toss it in the garbage.

I cast out my line, and from the depths

a shark seduces me by pretending to be a pet,

then guzzles down my heart.

I tremble in my boat, and a whale overturns it.

I look over into the sea, and all I see is guppies.

I go to sail, and am greeted by a storm.

I venture out, and I'm attacked by pirates

who proceed to feed me to the kraken.

finally, I give up and go home.

there are plenty of fish in the sea,

but f*ck that.

I'm getting myself a kitty.  

The End

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