Something Dies At The End Of This PoemMature

just a little story I randomly wrote in verse. pretty short. hope you like it.

Something dies at the end of this poem

The night was still, the moon aglow

And all was growing still

While nothing thought, but didn’t know

That nothing heard a trill

Like violins the twilight sky

Would bow in nothing’s ear

And nothing didn’t know that nigh

Were things she didn’t hear


But as the night grew darker still

The moon did cease his glow

And through the window came a chill

… it wasn’t open, though

And that was when set in the fear

That nothing couldn’t hide

That nothing had been feeling here

But let the fear pass by


The fear that now became too loud

For nothing to ignore

And so, her mother would be proud,

She passed her bedroom door

And set off for the window on

The far side of the room

And peered into the moons glow

That had gone out in the gloom


And thus, as such, she took a glance

Into the darkened night

And what she saw knew her by chance

And thought to give a fright

 But woe to he who enters here

For fear had then been born

And as the light was drawing near

Something died that morn.

The End

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