Something About Someone

Standing alone against an army in this war

That's the feeling when you're so lonely in a crowded room

Something 'bout Christy

Someone who smiled, and loved anyone who needed to be loved

Never felt pretty, abused at so young

She wasn't alone, but she still felt insecure

She has the loneliest heart and she didn't come back

Something 'bout Nori

Someone who became a sister to me

Has it rough, that's how we connected, we've entered each others' souls and lives

Like a missing part of a family

She was my company in such a struggle

Something 'bout Marisa

Someone who always smiles, laughs and is always humorous

Felt so ugly, but she is one of the prettiest out there

Just know that I'm always here to care and be with you

Girls just need that shoulder to know that loneliness was not going to be an option

Something 'bout Tyler, tried suicide three times

Someone who grew up angry and drugs was his one and only

He felt hope with love from me, I felt the same with him

He was there, there to help me when I cried

Felt so misunderstood, only had each other in arms

Something 'bout Luke

Someone who tried suicide before

Never thought he lived, always felt dead

He survived off my humor over text

Don't talk now, but we still felt that connection during those months of moments

No one wants to be alone

Somebody, anybody was an answer for me in such a lonely place

Nobody should ever face a battle one against ten

No one can do it all alone, and no one should

I'm praying, not to GOD, but to anyone,

That everyone can find something in theirselves

Even I can't don't want to do it alone

Something 'bout me

Someone who pushes through each day with a smile

I keep away those memories for the sake of me and others

Everyone just needs that supporting shoulder

We're all crying, looking for their love right now

The End

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