It was a cold, January morning on the school bus,
I sat, listening to the boys being stupid boys
wishing to feel something, 
that something, anyting would happen,
that the little turquoise car would go cascading into that bus
so I could feel something, when,
something happened, something,
and I for a very long time within several seconds,
I was tumbling,
the bus was tumbling,
the ground was tumbling,
the sky was even tumbling,
it was blurry and bright and I couldn't quite see it, and then,
I felt something, and took back my wish.


That minute I was dancing, in the heat of an australian club
with a girl whom I assumed used a fake idea to get in
and I was loving it, and my bros all came up to me,
"Man, what a score!"
when the girl threw up on the floor,
and just as we were thinking it was the beer,
we felt it too, and
we were all dizzied, yet, no bottles went crashing to the floor,
but then, as we were gaining our sea-legs of sorts,
everything was hotter than Hell,
and  suddenly, I was everywhere.


Ninety-two million miles away, 
there was a very large boom,
but their tiny ears were too slow to receive, 
so they heard naught, 
and the earth began to shoot forwards, 
and the poor, miniscule ants
inhabiting the green and blue planet,
failed to see it, because their tiny eyes cannot see light that is
ninety-two million miles away, and
the poor little human/ants developed a severe inner ear difficulty,
just before they plowed into the former sun, giver of life,
and blew up in enormous,
yet, in hindsight,

The End

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