Someone's Fool

No greater fool than that of the heart.

This is a completely free-flowing piece, written completely without preparation. While the feelings are not elaborated on and the work is not polished, the feelings were still there underneath the words.

Why did you pick me to love?
Why this heart to break?
Mine of all the ones…
Mine of all the precious hearts to take…
Why mine?

Because I was someone’s fool.

Why did you let me fall so far?
I gave everything to you.
Why did you try to care,
But never see it through?
Why me?

Because I was someone’s fool.

Why did you ease my fears in the darkest hour,
Then leave me for dead on the side of the road?
Why did you let me take my heart and pour it
Into your strong, inviting hold?
Why stop to save this damsel?

Because she was someone’s fool.

Because she was her own fool

The End

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