Love. An emotion we all crave.

Hate. An emotion we wish to be rid of.

Happiness. An emotion we hope to feel everyday. Sadness. An emotion that kills us inside.

Emotions. Why can't we all be happy and achieve the love we all crave? Why can't we all get along?

Friends. People who are there for you.

Close friends. People who know you well enough to understand your problems.

Best friends. A friend we crave. A friend who is there for you no matter what. Who puts you first. Someone who understands all your problems and sorts them out. Someone who loves you.

A True Girlfriend. A girl who puts your feelings first. A girl whose there for you through all your faults. A girl who loves you.

A True Boyfriend. A boy who cares for you. A boy who protects you from danger. A boy who knows you inside and out and solves your problems every time.

Everyone needs someone.

Find that someone.

Be that someone.

Help that someone.

Be someone special.

The End

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