Someone Will Always Love You

Beauty is inside and out

We cannot have Light, without the Darkness,

Just like we cannot have Darkness without the Light,

So ignore all those who are cruel and heartless,

Because your world will be so beautifully bright,

And they will be jealous, when you're in flight.

Lighting up others with the love you share,

For those you love, you will always be there.

Love can be brief, but it can be sweet,

Just like the Sun, you can bask in the heat.

The clouds will clear, the Sun will rise,

Although you may have to shield your eyes.

Listen to your heart, but live life to the full,

You will find that it can never be dull.

Remember that beauty is inside and out,

Whenever you may be in doubt.

Life can be cruel but good too,

Remember that someone will always love you.

The End

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