Someone I'm Not

With the permission of three friends, I am publishing this poem on their behalf. It was written based on me at a workshop with the wonderful Mark Grist. Thanks to Rosie, Meg and Jenny for touching me with their words.

I look invisible, I just want to be tanned

Just like I was in those American days,

With the sun dying my skin

Oh how I wish I had fake tanned.


It won't change my personality,

but it will make me feel strong

beautiful, bronzed and classy.

You won't be able to touch me.

You won't be able to see

behind the mask that is,

Fake bake. Bronzed. Katie Price.


I want to feel the way they see me;

No regrets. None. Ever.

So happy. Care-free. Tanned.

Fake sunlight,

Real warmth,

And maybe I'll feel tanned on the inside

Beautiful, gorgeous edelweiss

Pale, pretty rue.

The End

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