Someone I Used to Know

Been away so long it's just a distant memory

Visiting back on what we had

It was love then, now it's just an ache in my body

Everything just changed in front of us

But I'm glad it's over

I don't want to live that way

Putting all my faith in everything you said to me

Why'd you have to cut me out?

Treat me like I'm a filthy stranger

What happened to the man I knew?

It's like he died and you're not even second best

What happened to being friends?

Left me alone like nothing happened

You shun me and its still so rough

Why did you turn into someone I used to know?

I was so lonely in your presence then I ever was alone

Took what was important to me and threw it away

Is this what always happens in the end?

Abandoned with hurt and just the memory of someone I used to know?

The End

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