Our love was true and real
You were the one to break open my heart's seal
When you said that we are going to live forever together
I was so happy that I flied high in the sky like a feather.
How I wish to say that we were 'happily ever after'!
But all my hopes and happiness did shatter.

One day you said you have to go for some important work
When I asked you not to leave me, me you did mock.
You said," I am not going to the far-away moon
Wait for me, I will come soon".

Wait I did for all these long years
Suppressing pain and tears.
I am neither a coward nor a quitter
For I have waited all these days for my life to get better
You are my reason and purpose to live
My heart to you I gave, my life, I am going to give........


The End

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