To fall in love with you

To hold your hands and fell you

That's all I want

And nothing more....


To know that you are here to be for ever

And this relationship would never be over

That's all I want

And nothing more


To drown into yours deep blue eyes

And be with you at all the times

To daydream about my life with you

And sneak some glances at you

To be in your embrace all day long

And dance with you for all love songs

That's all I want

And nothing more.....


You are my love

And my life

You are the cause of my happiness

And my smile

You are my everything

And without you I am nothing......


P.S:  Just ' I LOVE YOU' would be the understatement of the century. I am crazy for you , would die for you and can't live without you.....

The End

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