first light of joy

I was humiliated by elders and arbiters whose hands of wisdom generously opened, the envelops of knowledge to the saplings of human future... Their little eyes were wrapped in wonder and it was heart-breaking to tell them: all this was the first light of joy which would soon betray the long nights of unceasing suffering and struggle... and accompanied by half-hearted smiles screaming behind the soul's mirror, hiding faded blossoms of love from a fragrant garden of fragile memories now burned, by self-hatred and unforgiving passion for perfection lost in the waves of trembling desires, escaping to the sea of tortured past, to find a miracle of time in the moonless face of sky, whose little clouds of empty, visionless minds are constantly blown away, by the gusty winds of penetrating misfortune, turning every golden flame into transparent ash, carrying shallow smoke of fragmented realities continually...
The End

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