Somehow I Always Knew

I would always set out and enjoy the summer nights.
Staring at the stars peeking through as they shined down.
Like the glow of the same colored lights.
Lighting up a big city or casting over a small town.
Somehow I always knew,
I'd be here wondering where you've gone, what to do.

I would stand at the end of my porch looking out.
To a world I thought was shared with you,
As I remember I said I love you and there was no doubt.
My love for you was real and true.
Yet somehow I always knew,
My days would no longer look the shade of blue.

My nights grew dark and the air grew cold.
As they carried in the wind in a broken melody that sung in sync with my damaged heart.
And it didn't matter what was told,
Because the man I thought you were was a lie from the very start,
Somehow I knew the words meant nothing, and yet you knew that my words had meant something.

A sadness so profound,
That it strikes my soul like a snake striking body heat.
And a beautiful flute silences and cease to make a sound.
And my heart finally comes to miss a single beat.
Somehow I always knew, there was no us and it was something completely new,
Once my story started with I love you and ended with goodbye.

Somehow I always knew, you had never cared,
Not the one year, not the love and laughs, we shared.
You came and left and I still don't know why,
After all this time I still cry.
When I think about those baby blues and that smile,
That would send my heart race and it would be worth each mile.

I remember standing there for hours on end.
Holding memories close to a place no one ever touched.
Wondering if this wound could somehow mend.
That in time, moving on would be easier and not a mistake.
Somehow I always knew, you would be here one minute and gone the next.

Somehow, I always knew that was a life I was willing to make.

The End

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