Some Women Are Built From Fire

So I saw this one quote that goes: "Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it," and I really loved it so I came up with the end stanza and then built it up from there. Then it kind of took a different direction than I originally thought, but that's fine because I still love it anyway. It probably could still do with some editing in the middle though, and I also think I'm having trouble with tense and punctuation towards the end.

When the nights are the darkest

I imagine I can hear the echoes

of the witching hour.


Because that way

I can block out the sound

of my screams.


Living nightmares from which

I can never awake,

because you took everything


from me.

And I don't know

how to get it back.


I can still feel the tremors

that shook

my heart,


and the trust

and love

that I lost.


But in the same way I know

that the sun will always rise

I am sure


that with each day

that passes

the pain and heartbreak


will fade.

And one day

it won't hurt to remember anymore.


When this day comes, the dark still scares me,

so just before the dawn

I open the blinds


so that the rising sun

can fill my room

and my soul.


And it is then,

that I remind



you didn't break me,

you just taught me

that I'm made of fire.

The End

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