Some Say It's Over

It's all about how worrying can lead to all sorts of problems within the mind, refusing to believe there's nothing but darkness ahead

A sense of impending doom on your shoulder

It's killing me trying to stay above the water

Making the naive and innocent outlook older

There's nothing else but silence and ruin to look forward to


But some say the ends coming soon 

Some say all that we've got is doom


A vicious tide turning to remind

The hopeless of the journey ahead

Because there's nothing good to remember this time

No consolations to give to the dead


A feeling of despair and all I can do is cry

Where's the sense of elation I once felt?

Tears flow as one as the world begins to die

There's nothing but hatred and sorrow to look forward to


But some say it's getting better soon

But the darkness in my heart still looms


There's no need to show me the outcome

Because already I feel the end is near

Why me, and frozen convictions

Wrap around me, embracing like constriction






The End

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