Some Lines of Heroic Couplets on Modern Feminism in Iambic PentameterMature

A burning bra, sign of modern activism,
And standard of modern feminism,
Flutters into battle before the charge,
To feel, to see a greater cause enlarge.
And, Godless, you follow the ashy fist,
For God is just a great misogynist!

It's vain to try to soothe or calm your pride;
Once ruffled, your battle scars flare, decide.

Turn to debate to turn you such a hue
And all have flaws, this all must take as true;
All are allowed their own opinions, then,
'Cept to compare women's with those of men

 And you accuse one possibly allied
(Though if alive, he wouldn't bat an eye).
We wrongly 'sumed you would've had the thought,
Perhaps to see your ass, we would choose not. 

The End

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