Some form of nonsense=]Mature

I like nonsensical poems....Lewis Carroll's work is amazing...So why not try.........Zombie nonsense!!!!

Lend me your ear! But don't pull it off!

Put your mouth on, lest you want to scoff

Stitch your self up and let us begin

'Does eating flesh really count as a sin?'

Now when I say Flesh, oh i do not mean veal

That sort of meat somewhat, leaves me to feel

Cold and empty, no it's not that

Nor does this meat come from a rat

Theres not a lot there and so you can see

Human meat is the very best meat for me

Now back to the question, so let us make haste

We are who we are! So why should we waste

The wants we've been given by God up above

To rise from the grave, and eat what we love?

I do believe, and very strongly too

That eating man meat is the right thing to do

So pull on your feet, and allow us to go

To the towns and the cities, onward march tally ho!

The End

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