Some Days I Think They Want To Erase Me

So I guess I'm a little (more than a little) frustrated. GSAs are supposed to be a group that is inclusive - that means they're supposed to support everyone. That means people who's romanticism and sexuality are different. That means bi people, ace people, trans people, aro people, whatever they are.

this rainbow
that you print on your posters -

it is a representation
of the queer community.

bi, ace, aro, gay, lesbian.
that means everyone.

that means you,
that means me,
that means them,
that means us.

but no, instead i am dismissed as-
you know what?
i don't even care what your excuse is this time.



so don't you dare try to 
keep me out, i have my own flag too. 
i need support, don't you dare try to
shut me out.

the first person i ever came out to
was my best friend.
then my parents.
then my other friends.

so now they don't just
point at cute guys on the street,
they'll see a girl and say,
"ooh, she has awesome hair."
and give me meaningful looks
because they accept that sometimes
the person i really want to 
snuggle the damn stuffing out of
might be a girl.

i'm also genderfluid, and guess what?

"that's not real."
"you're only doing it for attention."
"how is that fair to your boy/girlfriend?"
"i feel uncomfortable with this."
"you can't be both."

oh really?
how the hell is this your business?
i didn't ask you.

and sometimes, i just really f-cking want
someone to tell me that it is okay 
if i'm a boy some days.
if i want to kiss that person
but i really really don't want 
anything beyond that.

GSA is supposed to be an open group.
but it doesn't feel that way to me.

the symbol is a rainbow for a reason.
you can't just cut the blue off the bottom and say,
"oh, i don't think it really has a place there."

PS: also, what attention?
there is no recognition for me, for them, for us. 
you only seek to push me into 
one of those neat little boxes.
but i'll be damned if you succeed. 

and by the way,
to everyone who has supported me?
thank you, honestly.
your recognition is awesome.
you, whoever you are, 
are probably helping someone else,
just because you accept our
self-placed labels.

The End

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