Sombre Streets

As I trek streets, travelled and new

I watch in awe the distinct signs

As sights customary I often view

Jarring scenes in pantomime


The images of change often cry

Of traditions of yore, pretty unusual

Mores strewn beside, in silence lie

Plastering visuals foul and brutal



These are the paths, often traversed

Intermittently, in joy and gloom

In moments certain and doubted

As life beyond, promisingly looms.


Was this panorama always so vivid

Of lively events in layers bare

Of  life indisputably betrothed

To  bits of joy in lingering despair


The cobbler sits still, in time frozen

The mystic and his beads bizarre,

Passing multitudes so busily hasten

In copious hurry, remaining unaware.


Of passage of time in stony silence

Of winged images in armoured array

Of teetering hopes in sorry lament

Of destinies often withering away


Characters though remain the same

In life’s gallops and fanciful flights

Rules unchanged as in every game

Winners rejoice on  losers’ plights.

The End

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